My husband and I took Amanda's birth class this past winter. It was something we looked forward to each week. The content was fantastic and I feel that Amanda was skillful at presenting many sides to heated issues. I really appreciated this because there are so many decisions to make before, during, and after giving birth.

I was intimidated going into the class as I knew little about the whole process. I found that Amanda was very receptive to questions (even the silly ones). The class was very experiential and included games, discussion, labor position and contraction rehearsal, videos, and props. Very helpful in reaching a variety of audiences and keeping us engaged when a lot of information was presented. She shared stories of her own and has a way of using humor when talking about some difficult things. 

Amanda is very aware of new parent resources and is involved with the La Leche League, which is just another level of her commitment to helping new families make a smooth transition.

We were able to have a very successful natural birth in large part due to this class. We knew about the variety of birthing options and were able to create our own birth plan that suited our wishes.

Above all, Amanda is a very compassionate person. She has helped us by providing resources and encouragement since giving birth. She is open about how challenging becoming a new parent can be and I believe a lot of the work she does is in an effort to help ease this challenge by providing resources and promoting community.  — Jessica B.

My husband and I learned so much from this experience! I would recommend this to any of my friends wanting a natural childbirth and the knowledge and help to learn how to achieve their goal! Our birth did not end up how we wanted, but we are thankful we understood what was happening the entire process and were able to make educated decisions based on the classes we took. We wouldn't change our experience for anything! And we met Amanda, and other friends in our class that we are still friends with today.

In addition to childbirth classes, Amanda was always available for postpartum questions, breastfeeding issues, etc. It was so helpful and encouraging to know you had someone cheering for you and there to lend a helping hand if you needed it!  — Laura G. 

Amanda and her birth classes are wonderful! We did this class in preparation for our second child and the difference from first to second was incredible. Every week was informative and helpful and contributed to a great birth experience for both of us. My husband gained a greater appreciation and real tools for helping throughout the birthing process. 

First birth was 24 hour labor ending in epidural, nasty side effects, lots of stitches, being away from baby for first 30 mins, and long recovery. 

Second birth was less than 4 hours from the time I woke up with first contractions at 3:30 in the morning till my daughter was born at 7:25. I was confident and sure about how I felt, my husband was calm and reassuring and took on helpful leadership roles and I was never scared or terrified as I was the first time around. I truly never even thought about using pain meds this time. I was able to tell people what I needed and not second-guess anything. Pushing was controlled and strong, and my daughter was with me immediately and very alert (no long pushing trauma or drugs in her system). 

The class prepared me mentally and physically for labor "marathon." Afterwards I felt on top of the world. Very fulfilling experience. 

We are 3 months from having our 3rd and thrilled, I’m not apprehensive about the birth and looking forward to rocking through this one.  — Hannah C.

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