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Healthy Childbirth Class

The Healthy Childbirth class is typically a private class and tailored for your specific needs.  You’ll be given current, evidenced-based information and proven techniques to help you have a healthy and safe birth.  We use simple techniques including relaxation, mindfulness, and effective labor positions.  While this class focuses on birth as a natural process, unexpected things can come up, so we’ll also cover interventions and common procedures too.  You’ll be ready to make informed choices every step of the way.  This 4-hour class covers:  

  • Natural pain management techniques
  • What to expect during labor 
  • How partners/family/friends can support the birthing person
  • Common procedures and interventions 
  • Postpartum care
  • Breastfeeding

This class can be done in either one 4-hour session or two 2-hour sessions.

Location & Cost

Classes are held in southwest Longmont off Clover Basin Drive & Larkspur Drive (click here for map).    

The cost is $175-590 per couple depending on which package (below) you choose.  


   Glow Birth & Breastfeeding Package: $175


   Flourish Birth & Breastfeeding Package:  $295


   Blossom Birth & Breastfeeding Package:  $525

*Subject to scheduling availability.  For in-home visits, you must live within 20 miles of Flourish, Baby.  I will contact you to confirm the details. 

To Register 

If you would like to sign up or need more information, please click here to contact me, or you may call 303.601.5689 or send an email to  

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