Prenatal Consultation

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Prevent breastfeeding problems from ever happening!

Who should schedule a prenatal appointment?

Many families have easier breastfeeding experiences when they have prenatal lactation support, more so if you have certain risk factors.  Some risk factors include:  

  • High-risk pregnancy
  • Fertility treatments
  • Over the age of 35
  • Inverted/flat nipples
  • Breast surgery or injury
  • Diabetes.
  • Having hormonal imbalances (PCOS, thyroid, etc.)
  • Being induced or having a cesarean birth

What are the benefits of a prenatal consultation?

  • More confidence
  • Less difficulties latching
  • Ample milk supply
  • Easier breastfeeding experience
  • Personalized plan & support

What does the prenatal consultation include?

  • Outlining your breastfeeding goals
  • Addressing any questions or concerns you have
  • Identifying potential challenges
  • Creating a personalized plan

Scheduling & Cost

If you would like to schedule an appointment or need more information, please click here to contact me, or you may call 303.601.5689 or send an email to  

The prenatal consultation is free.  There is a $15 travel fee if you’d like an in-home appointment and you must live within 20 miles of Flourish, Baby

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