Visualize The Birth You Want

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Visualizing and imagining the birth you want comes surprisingly close to practicing for it.  When you spend time visualizing childbirth, you’re actually preparing your mind and body to handle the experience.  Studies show that our brains are organized to act on what we predict will next happen, so expecting an event causes the same complex set of neurons to fire as thought the event where actually taking place.  So what does this mean for you in birth?  Believing you can accomplish a natural birth can actually change the concrete results of your efforts.  Olympic champions use this technique to prepare and you can too.  After you’re 37 weeks along in your pregnancy, start to visualize your birth.  This visualization is a very power tool, which is why we suggest waiting until you’re closer to your due date.  For many mothers, what they visualize is pretty close to the actual birth of their child.  

You partner can read the questions below to you, or you can do this on your own.  You want to be in your body during the visualization, not witnessing what is happening form the outside.  The goal is to try to picture as many details as you possible can in your visualization.  When thinking of the physical sensations of labor, imagine how you feel during a workout or athletic event in which you’ve really pushed yourself.  Feel your body working hard to bring your baby into the world but do not focus on the pain aspect.  You want to feel safe, calm, positive, and confident throughout the visualization.  It’s very important to have an optimistic point of view.  

Find some place quiet where you won’t be disturbed, turn off phones and other distractions.  

Picture yourself at the start of labor.  Where you are when you first start having contractions.  What time of day is it?  What are you doing when labor starts?  Notice what you’re wearing.  Who is with you?  If your partner or doula is not there yet, when will they arrive?  How does it feel physically?  How do you feel emotionally?  Picture yourself handling the contractions with confidence.  Imagine being calm and relaxed through each contractions.   

As the labor visualization progresses, picture the different positions and techniques you’ll use.  Have you included any aromatherapy as part of your labor?  What are you listening to during labor?  How is you partner/doula/midwife supporting you?  What are you drinking to stay hydrated?  Are you snacking on anything?  Notice how your partner knows exactly what you need in that moment.  They are calm and confident as well.  

[For a hospital birth]  Is it time to go to the hospital?  What are you doing when your partner is packing up the car?  Who is driving?  Which roads are you taking to get there?  What song is playing on the radio?  Picture yourself meeting the hospital staff and getting check in.  

Now, imagine you’re fully dilated and have the urge to push.  What positions will you use for second stage?  How will your partner/doula/midwife support you?  Can you feel their enthusiasm?  What encouraging words are you hearing?  Visualize how in-tune with your body you are.  Watch yourself pushing with control during contractions, and relaxing completely between contractions.  Think about what physical sensations and emotions you are experiencing.  

Finally, picture your beautiful healthy baby coming into the world.  What do baby look like?  Do you hear baby crying?  What about the sounds of congratulations, cheering, laughter?  Imagine how you’re feeling when baby is placed on your belly.  How does your partner look and feel?  

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