Positive Affirmations for Expectant Parents

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An affirmation is a positive statement - often about a state of mind you wish to develop, such as more confidence or a situation you would like to bring about (like having a natural birth).  Repeated often, affirmations can help you overcome negative thought patterns and assist you to make your goals a reality.  

The best time to use an affirmation is while in a state of deep mind/body relaxation.  Your inner mind is most open to suggestion at these times, but you can use affirmations any time you choose, especially during labor.  You may find it helpful to write a positive thought down on an index card or sticky note and put the card on the bathroom mirror or in some other place where it can be read often.  Make sure those supporting you in birth know your affirmations so they can help remind you during birth.

Use the following guidelines for the affirmations:

  • Feel free to change the wording of any of the positive suggestions below, or create your own affirmations to best meet your needs.  
  • Make your affirmations short, simple, and meaningful to you.  Repeat them with feeling.  The more energy and belief you put behind a statement, the most effective it will be. 
  • Phrase affirmation in the present, not the future.  Example:  “I am able to give birth naturally” rather than “I will give birth naturally”
  • Phrase affirmations in a positive way.  Example:  “I am able to give birth naturally” rather than “I won't have a c-section”

Remember, affirmations are not meant to contradict or try to change your feelings or emotions, but help you create a new point of view about life which will enable you to have more satisfying experiences from now on.  It is important to acknowledge your feelings both negative and positive.  

Affirmations for the Expectant Mother

  • Childbirth is a normal, healthy event.
  • I am creating a safe, healthy birth for myself and my baby.
  • I take responsibility to plan my birth wisely. 
  • I choose a childbirth environment that makes me feel secure and comfortable, and is a good place to begin a family.  
  • I am able to flow with labor in perfect harmony with nature.
  • My job is to simply relax and allow the birth to happen.
  • I am preparing my mind and my body for birth.
  • I am able to provide all that my baby needs to grow and be healthy.
  • My breastmilk supply is abundant and provides all the nutrients my baby needs.

Affirmations for the Expectant Partner

  • Childbirth is a normal, healthy event.
  • My partner and I are the center of the birth experience.
  • My partner and  are working harmoniously towards a safe, rewarding birth.
  • I am learning everything I can to make birth a beautiful event for my family.
  • I make the best choices for a healthy, joyful birth.
  • I am able to reduce my partner’s fears and pain with the support I provide during labor.  
  • Breastfeeding is the healthiest and most natural way to feed our new baby.

Below are photos for each of the affirmation listed above.


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