How To Have An Amazing Birth

I’m often asked, “What can I do to ensure I’ll have a great birth?”  The answer comes down to just being ready - physically, mentally, and emotionally.  

  • Eat Well & Exercise.  It takes time to condition the body for birth.  By eating right, mom can stay healthy and low risk, avoiding things like preeclampsia and medical interventions.  The sooner mom starts eating well, the better for her and the baby.  Also, doing the right exercises during pregnancy will tone the muscles used in birth and increase stamina for labor.  

  • Take A Class:  Take an in-person childbirth class.  Learn about how to select your birth attendants to ensure you have the birth you want.  Even if you’re planning a natural birth, learn about interventions so you’ll be able to make informed decisions should it come up.  This will also allow you to write a birth plan tailored to your needs and wishes, which can also help you to have a wonderful birth.

  • Learn Pain Management Options.  There are many other options available to you in birth, each with pros and cons, so learn which options are right for you.  Relaxation is the key to pain management if you want a natural birth, and it can take practice to master.  

  • Prepare Your Partner:  Make sure you and your partner understand the different stages of labor.  Learn how to recognize them by the physical aspects and emotional ones too.  By understanding labor, partners will be in a better place to support mom throughout labor.  Be sure to discuss ways partners can help with pregnancy, postpartum care, and even breastfeeding too.

  • Get Ready To Breastfeed:  Medical staff may not have any lactation training, or there may not be someone available to help when you need.  Take a class that covers the basics of breastfeeding.  Reading a book is also a great idea to help get things off to a great start.  The more you know before baby is born, the easier breastfeeding will be.  

It seems like a lot of work to get ready for birth, but the time investment is worth it!  I always smile with parents-to-be tell me they don’t have time for birth classes.  Think about the months of work and the money you spent planning your wedding.  Having a baby is also a lifetime commitment and something you will remember forever.  Taking a few hours a week to learn about birth prepares you for a healthy family right from the start.  

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