Don’t Buy These 5 Items

When it comes to items for baby, there are some must-have items, like a car seat. But there are many items you can do without or sometimes borrow. Save your money and skip buying the following:


Often times, a crib because large and expensive laundry basket as many families choose to bed-share or room-share.  American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that new parents room-share with their babies for the first several months of life to decrease the risk of sudden infant death.  Sleeping the baby in the bed, a co-sleeper, or pack n play will make middle of the night feeding much easier and allow families to get more sleep. Read our post about safe co-sleeping.  If you co-sleep long enough, you may be able to move your toddler to a mattress on the floor or even a twin size bed.  (Skip the toddler bed unless you can borrow one.  Like so many things, your little one will only used this for such a short period of time.)


Bassinets are adorable and nice in theory, but they last such a short time. You might use it for 4-5 months before baby outgrows it. A pack and play, while not as cute, will last much longer and can be a great spot for baby to play as well as sleep. If you still have your heart set on a bassinet, see if you can borrow one.

Baby clothes

Of course baby will need something to wear, but don't go crazy buying every adorable outfit you see. Baby may be too big or too small to wear an outfit.  If baby is too small, once she or he grows into the oh-so-cute outfit, it may be out of season.  After your baby shower, take stock.  Make sure you have a few onesies and pajamas to carry you through the first week or two of your baby's life. Once baby's here, you'll have an accurate idea of his or her size, you can hit the baby shops then. If you want to clothes shop before baby arrives, buy 3T. Seriously!  Family and friends will love buying the new baby clothes the first year or two.  


Newborns spend most of their time sleeping and eating.  Between that and diaper changes, there isn’t much playing.  Also, for the first two months, baby’s vision isn’t well developed.  Only things about 8-10 inches from baby’s face will be in focus.  Pick up just a few small toys - things with high contrast and or things that make noise like rattles or baby paper (crinkle toys).  


Wait, don’t buy diapers?  There are some families out there that will do Elimination Communication (, but most families will buy diapers.  

Here’s the thing, if you’re doing disposables, only buy a pack or two of newborn-size diapers to start.  Baby may be too big to wear the newborn size or will outgrow them quickly.  Also, try buying different brands, because you or baby may have a preference.  

Here’s the exception:  If you’re doing cloth, these are a great thing to register for.  The initial cost can be quite a bit, but you’ll save a bundle in the long run.  Be careful though, because the ones you like the most, might not be the best style for baby.  

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