Birth Story:  Madison

At about 2am on the morning of August 26th, I woke up to use the restroom. After getting out of bed, I had a feeling that something was "different." I had a couple of stronger Braxton-Hicks contractions at about 11:30pm before going to bed but didn't think it was anything to get excited about.  In fact, I still planned to go to work that morning.  After getting out of bed at 2am I had a couple of strong contractions again that seemed pretty close together. I didn't time them because I figured it was probably false labor. I decided that I would try to go back to bed and see if they continued. When I returned to the bed I couldn't get comfortable so I told my husband I wanted him to stay in bed and get some rest while I was going to go start a load of laundry and go downstairs to the couch to see if I could get comfortable there.  I went to the closet and sat of the floor to sort out a load of laundry out of the hamper.  My contractions continued and seemed to get stronger very fast with little time in between. My husband came to the closet to see if I was ok. I told him to get the iPad because we needed to start timing them. I moved out of the closet and tried to get comfortable on the bedroom floor. 

My contractions we were 4-6 minutes apart at about 2:30am. I told my husband that I would like to try getting into the bathtub.  I was very uncomfortable when I did that but just sat on the edge of the tub soaking my feet.  Eventually I went back to lay on the floor with pillows to try to get comfortable. My husband loaded up the car and took care of the dog.  He eventually had to almost drag me out of the house to go to the hospital.  I was afraid of the car ride and the pain (and rightfully so, it was not pleasant!). 

We got to the hospital at about 5:30am.  When the nurse checked to see if I was dilated, my husband was given the numbers.  He told me that we would be staying, thank God because I wasn't getting back in the car! The nurse hooked me up to the external monitors which I later pulled off of my stomach because I wasn't comfortable and wanted to use the restroom. After having a few contractions on the toilet I wanted to get into the bathtub again and see if that would help so I got into the tub.  I had a few contractions sitting on my legs in the tub. I changed positions and so that I was reclining back.

 After changing positions, I immediately felt the urge to push. My husband got the nurse and they came in and had me leave the tub and come to the bed. My doctor came in and checked to see how many centimeters I was now. She said it was ok to push when I felt the urge. I started in the bed pushing in the side laying position with my husband holding my leg. Later I changed to the classic pushing position.  After about an hour of pushing Madison was born at 7:02am!

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