8 Must-Have Items For New Baby

Baby Carrier or Sling.  The best feeling in the world is having your baby in your arms, feeling a sleeping baby nestled against you, and breathing in the sweet scent of your newborn. In the early days, mothers have time to enjoy these moments. Then reality sets in.  Everyday tasks and errands demand your attention.  You can get things done and keep baby close with a good baby sling or carrier.  Read our blog post for the benefits of baby wearing. 

Thermometer.  If you think baby has fever, it's important to know exactly what his or her temperature is.  The best and most accurate way to take a newborn’s temperature is rectally.  There are rectal thermometers on the market, which are designed specifically for this purpose. Look for one with a flexible tip and a wide handle that won't let you insert the thermometer more than an inch.  If you wanted to splurge, get an ear or forehead thermometer as well.  This will be great for when baby gets older, but isn’t as accurate for a newborn.  

Nose Sucker.  This will be the grossest thing you’ll ever love.  It’s a nasal aspirator but works a thousand times better than the bulb kind.  It’s doctor invented & recommended.  The filter it uses makes a 100% hygienic, so you won’t get sick.  For more info visit:  Frida Baby.com

Nursing Pillow.  You can get by without a nursing pillow, but I felt like it was a much needed item.  The pillow supports mom’s arms and lifts baby to a more ergonomic position for comfortable feedings.  It’s great for tummy time and learning to sit too.  Must used baby stores have these in abundance and you can always buy a new cover for it. 

Cloth Diapers.  Even if you’re not going to use cloth on your baby’s bottom, these things are handy for so much more!  They make wonderful burp cloths.  You can tuck them into your shirt when nursing to catch any leaks.  Great for cleaning up food messes when baby starts solids.  We still use them for arts and crafts projects years later.  These things are wonderful!  

Rocking Chair or Glider.  I loved our glider and spent hours in it nursing and calming a fussy newborn.  The soothing back-and-forth motion mimics the motion baby felt in the womb.  It’s nice to be able to put your feet up too, so consider buying the gliding ottoman or a nursing foot stool.  If you’re on a tight budget or short on space, then one of those round exercise balls are also great for bouncing a fussy baby.  As a bonus, the exercise ball is great for labor as well.  

Swing and/or Bouncer.  This can be life saver for new parents.  If you get a portable one, you can move it from room to room so baby can see you while you do chores or take a shower.  Not every baby loves motion, or baby might prefer one over the other.  See if you can borrow one or both before making the purchase.  If you’d like to buy just one, the bouncer seat is my first choice. 

Baby Food Maker.  There are many reasons why we did homemade baby food, but for me, taste was the number one reason.  Because it’s fresher, less processed, and you decide what flavors to blend, it just tastes better.  Surprisingly, it’s also super easy too!  You can either spend a lot and get a special baby food blender or just buy a simple hand mill - either will work just fine.  If you want to do larger batches of food, then the regular blender is also great.

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